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FHS Red Max Fuel is simply The BEST!

The award winners know that Red Max R/C Model Fuels give the performance, power, and protection that they require. We have years of 1st place awards in all kinds of model sports: Fuel and oil for planes, helicopters, boats, cars, everything in-between, and even some beyond. Our special FHS synthetic oils have been developed and refined for over 40 years. They are superior to others in all respects: film strength, temperature range (high and low), viscosity index, lubricity, cleanliness, wear protection, corrosion resistance, anti-foam, etc. This combined with the highest quality methanol, nitro, and special ingredients give you what you need to exceed. Only use the best glow fuels and diesel fuels. Use Red Max!

Model Fuels


Red Max Premium/Racing:

Easy for beginners and powerful for experts. Trophy winner for planes, boats, cars, and helicopters.

Red Max 4-cycle:

Eliminates detonation and kickback in 4-cycle engines, smoother idle, and more power. Old and new types available.

Red Max Boat:

Extra rust-inhibitor for water exposure, oil designed for high nitro percentages.

Red Max Car/Truck Fuel:

High Igniter and low oil content for better throttle acceleration on or off-road

RedMax Fire and Ice Car/Truck Fuel:

Blend of two different high quality syn lub for better protection and power.

Red Max Ducted Fan:

Lite weight oil with high content for high rpm, extra cooling, and better throttle response and smoke trail.

Red Max Helicopter:

Extremely smooth running, extra defoamer, dark color, special oil