hig speed

Remember, FHS is For High Speed!

You can get FHS products from any of our dealers or distributors, or directly from us, either mail-order or pick-up. Special blends can be made upon request. We also have oils for other applications, racing or domestic, such as chainsaws, motorcycles, snowmobiles, model engines, and used cars. For any kind of application, FHS has the superior oil that makes everything work!

FHS Supply & Manufacturing, Inc. has been specializing in racing oils and nitro-based/model fuels for over 40 years. FHS Superior Racing Oils & Fuels are the ULTIMATE in power, performance, and protection, making FHS products the BEST on the market. With the extreme stresses imposed by nitro-boosted fuels and highly-modified racing engines tweaked to the max, FHS is an absolute must! Just ask the winners who use our products. FHS keeps your engines in top shape and puts you ahead on the finish line!